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Aesthetic Injection Training provides comprehensive education and hands-on training for professionals looking to start, grow and expand their aesthetic career. Through our courses, you will learn the latest techniques for administering safe and effective aesthetic injections. Our state of the art training academies will cover topics such as facial anatomy, skin physiology, and injection techniques. After completing our training, you will be able to confidently provide professional aesthetic services to your clients.  With over 13 years aesthetic experience Tiffany exclusively offers mentoring and support throughout your learning journey.  Sign up today and start your journey to success!

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  • One to one coaching session with Tiffany

  • Learn how to minimise and manage aesthetic treatment complications

    From 299 euros
  • Expand your skill, knowledge and technique with our Advanced Dermal Fi...

    From 499 euros
  • Train in the most popular Lip Filler Techniques and grow your clinic i...

    From 499 euros
  • Skin boosters are taking the Aesthetics’ world by storm as the results...

    From 299 euros
  • This course is specific to areas covering facial contouring including ...

    From 499 euros
  • Give your clients an instant facelift today

    From 499 euros
  • Fat dissolving is a relatively new but popular treatment and is combin...

    From 499 euros
  • Our Dermaplaning Course is an intensive advanced facial skincare train...

    299 euros
  • Expert mesotherapy training course gives you the skills and the knowle...

    From 299 euros
  • Learn the latest facelift technique using our incredible Plasma Fibrob...

    From 499 euros

Why Train With Us?

A career in aesthetics is an excellent choice for those who have an eye for beauty and a passion for making people feel confident and beautiful. Training in aesthetics allows individuals to learn the latest techniques and treatments to help clients achieve their desired results. It also provides an opportunity to develop interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its regulations. With the right training, individuals can become sought-after professionals in the aesthetics field, able to provide quality services that make a positive difference in the lives of their clients.

Building your Lifestyle

Working for yourself is often one of the most self rewarding commitments you can make. It takes a lot of hard work but it allows you to set your own hours and income. Aesthetic is a billion pound industry that offers great financial freedom that allows you create your own balance with your family and friends.

Getting Great Results

One of the most rewarding parts of being an aesthetics clinician is that you get to see the results of your work straight away. While some treatments may take a bit longer to see the full outcome, lots of procedures will deliver immediate results. This means you will usually be able to experience the happy reaction of your clients when you provide a treatment that makes them feel happier about their appearance and you know that you have helped to boost their mental wellbeing.

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