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Advanced Lip Filler Masterclass

Train in the most popular Lip Filler Techniques and grow your clinic instantly.

  • 8 hr
  • 1,500 euros


Our Advanced Lip Filler course will teach you multiple techniques to administer dermal filler into to the lips to create more of a desired look. This course has been designed to offer advanced aesthetics practitioners more in depth knowledge and skills to provide a more specialised result. This includes the use of different filler, different devices and equipment, whilst most of all using a number of different injection techniques. This course will assist practitioners in developing a much deeper knowledgeable input into the field of specialised Dermal Filler injectables into the lip region and will equip those with the practical skills required to Continue their Professional Development to become more of a specialised aesthetics practitioner. Not only will this course cover the aspects of dermal filler injectables into the lip region but it will teach students how to work with different clients to achieve their most desired but realistic outcome.

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