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Winter Skin… Top five tips to update your Skincare routine

These objectives enable the skin to function properly and to tolerate all daily exposure and activities.

Cleanse, Scrub, Moisture or Oil Control – Make sure these three steps are part of your daily routine

Correction – You can correct and restore the surface of your skin through exfoliation.

Exfoliating – Promotes healthy skin – cell turnover and will also help to avoid a build up of dead skin cells, that make the appearance of your skin look dull. Daily exfoliating will make your skin look and feel its freshest.

SPF – Daily application of an SPF of 30+ or above, and preferably one that includes solar eclipse ingredients. UV rays will still damage your skin during the winter months, so it is essential to use one daily all year round.

Stabilisation –As the tempture drips and indoor heating rises, its is essential that you strengthen your skin by using serums to restore normal hydration to it. Serums are designed with ingredients that speed up the skins natural mechanism and repair DNA damage and protect against future oxidative envoirmental damage of free radicals and will restore the skins natural barrier system.

Diet –It doesn’t matter how good your daily skin care routine is, if your not drinking enough water! Your skin will be negatively affected. Avoid comfort food and stick to healthy alternatives.It is essential to drink water to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months too.

The best type of facial treatments during the winter months are treatments that concentrate on speeding up cell turnover and promote hydrated skin.

Fancy a treatment with no downtime that will almost instantly refresh a dull completion- More information on Advanced Professional Facial treatments here 👉 

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