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Vitamin Deficiencies that show on your Skin

Most vitamin deficiencies will show up on the skin, while lack of vitamin A can cause scaly, dry skin, lack of B6 leads to skin ulcers, and lack of B7 can cause eczema. Lack of Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause vitiligo. Both C and E are antioxidants and their deficiency causes premature skin aging, wrinkles and dryness. Lack of vitamin will cause Psoriasis.

Vitamin A Deficiency = Skin Dryness.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in the formation and maintenance of healthy skin as well as teeth, if you dont get enough of this vitamin it will cause dry skin.

RDA 700mg/d for Women and 900mg/d for Men.

Vitamin B2 Deficiency = Skin Rashes.

Riboflavin plays a part in keeping your skin and vision healthy it is also important if you experience inflamed eyelids, hair loss or redness of your stratunm cornea (eye area).

RDA 1.1mg/d for Women and 1.3mg for Men.

Vitamin B3 Deficiency = Eczema.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) deficiency causes a condition known as Pellagra which is characterised by the symptoms of dermatitis (eczema) it is also vital for the body to convert fat, protien and carbohydrates into energy.

RDA 14mg/d for Women and 16mg/d for women.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency = Skin Ulcers

Vitamin B6 is an important nutrient for the health of your skin, if you dont have enough of this Vitamin you migh experience flaking skin on your lips, ulcers in the corners of your mouth and skin rashes that itch. Vegetarians are especially at risk of low levels of this vitamin.

RDA 1.3mg/d for adults 19-50 years 1.7mg/d for Men 1.5mg/d for Women over 51 years.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) Deficiency = Dermatitis

Vitamin B7 is a rare deficiency since its widely found in foods, however certian habits such as the consumption of raw egg whites, which contain a protien that inhibits the absorption of biotin may lead to a deficiency. Scaley dermatitis, dry skin and pale skin all point to a deficiency as well as hair loss. Vitamin B7 plays an important role in the bodys metabolism of energy, glycogen synthesis, fat synthesis, and amino acid metabolism.

RDA 30mcg/d for adults.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency = Vitiligo and Yellow Skin.

Vitamin B12 Helps keep your nerve and blood cells healthy it also plays a role in the making of your genetic material or DNA. Vegetarians and vegans may be particularly prone to vitamin b12 deficiency because it is only found in animal food sources. People who lack vitamin D can also develop pernicious anaemia, a condition where the body cannot absorb B12 from foods and is unable to make a sufficient quantity of healthy red blood cells. This condition is associated with vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder which will cause white patches to develop on your skin.

RDA 2.4mcg for adults.

Vitamin E Deficiency = Premature aging.

Vitamin E , a fat soluble vitamin, is an important antioxidant which helps fight harmful free radicals.

Free radicals are naturally formed in the body when we convert food into energy we are also exposed to free radicals through external environmental factors such as air pollution and sun damage which will accelerate aging and wrinkling our skin, vitamin E alone may not provide sufficient protection to your skin so you may also need to add vitamin C to increase photo protection of your skin through your diet.

RDA 15mg/d for adults.

Vitamin D Deficiency = Psoriasis.

Vitamin D can affect skin and is a contributory factor in Psoriasis, topical applications of vitamin D can improve this condition. did you also know that low levelsof vitamin D can affect your bone health and cause osteoporosis, taking a dietary supplement of Vitamin D also helps.

RDA 15mcg/d for adults.

Vitamin C Deficiency = Scurvy Skin

Vitamin C is important for the health of your skin as it has antioxidant properties, it also plays a crucial part in synthesis of collagen the protien that gives support and structure to your skin also when you have higher amounts of vitamin C it will provide protection from sun damage and if its deficient it can lead to dry, scaly and rough skin.

RDA 75mg/d for Women and 90mg/d for Men.

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