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The Best Lip Filler Treatment for Every Age.


Lip Enhancement is an art, and who you select to do your Lip injections can mean the difference between getting a fuller, natural-looking pout, or for many the dreaded overfilled ” Duck Pout” The key to a natural, beautiful lip filler enhancement is in the Injector’s approach.

Clients at every age have different motivations and goals – when it comes to having their lips enhanced with hyaluronic acid- Lip Fillers.

There is a vast choice of Hyaluronic Acid based – Lip Filler brands available today and the science and technology behind these products just gets more and more sophisticated. Experience is key and with the right approach, I can help you to achieve the the most natural desired outcome to the shape and contour of your lip and mouth area – no matter what your age profile, I can work with you to help you to achieve this upon Face to Face consultation.

Here is a guide to help you choose based on your desired outcome and your starting point.

Age profile – 20s…

Almost all of my clients will have a desire for fuller more volume and contoured lip shape, and this is usually achieved with 1ml or more product, and built up over several appointments.

Age profile – 30s..

Most of my clients, will experience even more drying and thinning of the lips, in the late 30s the area around the lips, such as naso-labial folds (laugh lines) and oral commissure (corners of the mouth) also change, so for these clients its all about hydrating as well as volume with additional natural softness to the lip area. My clients want to enhance the loss of volume, and define a blurry Lip line to improve the shape of their lips.

Age profile – 40s..

The overall expression of My Clients in their 40s appears to change, so for Clients of this age profile, there is a need to treat other areas of the mid face as well, but with an emphasis on, Lip Correction and Lip restoration. I use fillers to not only maintain lip fullness, but also to diminish lines and wrinkles that have already begun to set in.

Age Profile 50s..

The most common request is for volume loss, wrinkles around the mouth and better facial balance, this is because my clients of this age profile experience a loss of collagen, fat and bone in the mid face area. The top of the upper lip gets longer too, so a lot of times I need to recreate the cupids bow and the philtrim ( vertical grooves above the upper lip) this technique aims to restore the natural shape and volume to the lips.

Age Profile 60S..

Know that it is never too late to correct the overall facial structure, with Dermal fillers, My Clients have really appricated the absolute fantastic results that mature skin achieves with hyaluronic acid, and I see beautiful enhancements with this age profile all the time. Mostly the same issues are present here as with my clients in their 50s. However I do tend focus on perioral lines and restoring facial structures around the lip and mouth area.

Smokers Lines and asymmetry are also regular treatment requests from clients who are looking to improve the overall appearance and shape of the mouth area.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a combination of different Dermal filler products and densitys to achieve truly great results, as I believe your desired look needs to look and feel as natural as possible.

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