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Safe Lip Fillers – What you should know. 


What’s safe to have injected in your Lips.

So you have always wanted a fuller Pout – One of the fastest ways to achieve this is with Lip Injections.

But just because something can be injected into your lips, doesn’t mean it should be!

Their are so many products out there that aren’t FDA approved! let alone safe to use in the Lips, yet, people consider using them! The only products you should ever use in your Lips are temporary (Hyaluronic acid) Lip fillers that are approved by the FDA.

FDA approved hyaluronic acid products assures you that the product has gone through rigorous testing, demonstrating Safety and efficacy – in otherwords the Lip Filler works as advertised and is safe to use on the Lips.

Only FDA approved products will have an expiration date and a batch number which can be traced back to the medical manufacturers of the product. In the simplest terms “FDA approval means – That the FDA has decided the benefits of the approved product outweigh the potential risks for the Hyaluronic acid planned use.

To make sure you are receiving the real thing, only seek out treatment with qualified certified and insured practitioners who are expertly trained administer Hyaluronic acid (Lip and Dermal Fillers).

Unfortunately there is a black market out there.

NOTE – Your practitioner must be qualified, certified and hold a medically indemfied insurance policy to practice aesthetic treatments.

To stay safe, during the consultation process you must always ask the following questions before you consider having Lip Filler treatment.

1 – The uni dosed syringe and the packeging of syringe, should be sealed and unopened.

2 – The lot Number and expiration date of each individual syringe packet.

3 – The qualification and training of the practitioner.

4 – A certified infection control policy should also be in place at the premises.

5 – Previous work i.e before and after photos.

6 – After care and contraindications of treatments, explained by the practioner and the information re same should be clearly ledgible on your consultation form.

If your practitioner says that he or she is going to be using silicon, anything permanent or something that sounds like a household product! Don’t let them do your treatment. These products are not safe, they are not FDA approved.

Remember that if you are to have Lip Filler treatment! Both you and your practitioner must also sign an agreement of consent to treatment.

Which Lip Filler product should I use ?

Considering, at least 18 commercialized Dermal filler brands are available on the market.

Below is a list of the more popular ones that are associated with Lip Filler treatments that are long lasting, safe and FDA approved.

Teosyal, Restylane, Juvederm, Emervel, Belotero.

Lip Filler injections that contain Lidocaine are significantly less painful than a Lip Filler injected without.

Your safety is your responsibility, remember to always make an informed choice – choose wisely and stay safe.

See for more information, with regard to Lip Filler treatments.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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