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Dermaplaning : is a simple and safe way for exfoliateing the Epiderms and for the removal of Vellus Hair also know as (Peach Fuzz) it is a ver quick procedure with no adverse effects, by simply abrading the skins surface using light feathering strokes with a ver delicate touch you can achive a more refined smooth and glowing apperance to your skin.

What you can expect after just one treatment is a more refined, smooth and glowing apperance to the skin.

Dermaplaning : is an excellent one off treatment for the following skin conditions

Dry Skin.

Dehydrated Skin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

Mild Acne Scarring.

Superficial Hyperpigmention.

Dermaplaning : The ideal treatment protocal to begin preparing your skin for additional procedures.

Laser treatment.

Skin Peeling.



PRP (vampire facial)

This is because once we remove the epidermal (surface) skin this will in turn allow for much deeper penetration of both treatment and or product into the skin.

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